• 2013/12/18
    The Rural Impulse Fund II (RIF II) provided a EUR 3,000,000 equivalent in CNY loan to MicroCred Nanchong. It’s the first investment of the fund in China. RIF II will become MicroCred Nanchong's third international lender, extending its outreach to China, a country still characterized by social inequalities including lack of access to fair and transparent financial services.
  • 2013/12/13
    The Fairtrade Access Fund gave a Trade Finance Loan to COCAFCAL to support the cooperative in the purchase of Strictly High Grown coffee from the members. COCAFCAL combines good levels of operational and financial risks and scores very good on social performance which is aligned with the mission of the Fairtrade Access Fund.
  • 2013/12/12
    CARUCHIL from Honduras received a Trade Finance Loan of the Fairtrade Access Fund to purchase coffee from their members during the harvest season 2013/2014 for export to conventional, fairtrade and organic markets in United States and Europe. The loan coincides with the period of greatest need for funding to purchase coffee from the cooperative members.
  • 2013/12/12
    The Chilean cooperative APICOOP received their second Trade Finance Loan from the Fairtrade Access Fund to finance the purchase and stock of the 2013/2014 harvest of FLO-certified honey producers. APICOOP supports the beekeepers by purchasing their harvest and stocking it in modern stainless steel drums.


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