Applying for financing

Applying for financing

Financing possibilities through Incofin IM

  • Debt investments: Loan maturity from 1 to 5 years.
  • Equity investments: The investment period is typically 7 years.
  • Technical assistance: MFIs can receive assistance to improve their financial and social performance.

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Terms and conditions for financing

The terms vary according to the fund which provides the investment. Incofin IM can provide financing in EUR, USD and the local currency. We work together with specialized partners in order to hedge investments in local currencies.

Incofin IM invests in microfinance institutions which comply with the criteria of the funds advised by Incofin. These are the minimum criteria:

  • Microfinancing is the primary business
  • The credit portfolio amounts to at least EUR 1 million
  • The organization is profitable and this can be proved with externally audited accounts
  • The organization is committed to social performance
  • The quality of the portfolio is high, with PAR30 < 10%

In addition, Incofin IM attaches great importance to the social objectives of the institution that receives the funding.

How to apply for financing?

The procedure to apply for financing from Incofin Investment Management is transparent and occurs in three stages:

  • Phase 1: application and first selection
    Complete the application form. Incofin IM examines your application and decides if it is eligible, based on the investment criteria of our funds.
  • Phase 2: examination by Incofin IM
    Incofin IM examines your application in detail and visits your company on site.
  • Phase 3: decision and execution
    After a favorable decision by the Investment Committee of the Incofin IM fund to which the investment is attributed, the contract is signed and implemented. Afterwards, Incofin IM monitors the investment from closer quarters. Your institution provides us with the necessary information.

Together, we can build a long-term partnership.

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Success stories

Exceeding our basic financial needs

"Incofin kept proposing new initiatives to Kompanion that exceeded our basic financial needs."

Ability to identify potential customers

"We appreciate Incofin’s ability to identify potential customers and their practical experience in the area of microfinancing."

Borrowing at reasonable conditions

"We were extremely happy with how smoothly our application was processed. We wanted very much to receive funding from Incofin, because we know that Incofin shares our strong social focus..."