Application form

Application form

The present application form is the basis for the pre-selection process. Please fill out the fields with data of the past three years and of the current year as recent as possible.

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All fields are required. Mark "NA" in the fields where data are unavailable.

Gross loan portfolio (USD or EUR)
Number of borrowers
Total Equity (USD or EUR)
Operational self-sufficiency ¹ (%)
PAR 30 + rescheduling ² (%)
Write off ratio (%)
Audited accounts
Auditor name
Staff turn over (%)

1 This ratio is calculated as follows: (total operating income) divided by (Operating expenses + Financial expenses + Net loan loss provision expenses).

2 The portfolio at risk is defined as the value of all loans outstanding that have one or more instalments of principal past due more than thirty days. This item includes the entire unpaid principal balance, including both the past due and future instalments, but not accrued interest. It also includes loans that have been restructured or rescheduled even if there are now current.

Number of Branches operating in